Know the Who, What, Where, and Why of visitors within your premises while boosting the corporate brand image of your organisation.


Pre-register Your Guest

Relieve your visitors of the most tedious part of visiting by pre-booking them/ease the registration process for your visitors by pre-booking them for visits.


Confirm the identity of your visitor before receiving them with our image in-line email notification feature, and notify your guest that they have been pre-booked via email.

Visitor ID Badge

Easily differentiate your staff from your visitors by printing disposable badges for them. These badges identify visitors on-premises with their name, image, who they are visiting, and date.

QR Code/Phone Sign-out

V-Login has been made easy such that visitors are allowed the flexibility of choosing signing out with their phone number, or the QR Code generated during registration.

Generate Detailed Reports

Keep records that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and generate reports that can be used for auditing the focus hours of staff.

Admin Dashboard Role Access

Create an access level to the administrative dashboard by segmenting staff by their roles, and defining the various access levels for access control.

AD Integration

Make on-boarding fast and easy for your staff. Pull staff records from your AD, and enable Single-Sign-On for staff to access the staff portal.

Blacklist Unwanted Guests

Receiving unexpected visitors or visitors that cause a havoc is not uncommon for many organisations. V-Login addresses this by allowing you to blacklist guests that are likely to cause issues in the future, or have previously caused one issue or the other.

Accept or Reject a Guest

V-Login gives you total control of your environment by allowing you to either Accept or Reject a guest before they come into your organization.

Easy Solution Customisation

Simplify your business process by having a solution built to suit your needs. Working does not have to be tedious. Your business process should be simple, seamless, and secure.

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How V-Login Makes You Look and Feel

  • Be Modern
  • Be Organised
  • Digital footprint/trend-setter
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Compliance with HSE Guidelines